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The Books

By Diane Tullson

The Darwin Expedition

Orca Soundings

Grizzly bears don’t eat people. Do they?

Seventeen-year olds Tej and Liam don’t count on rolling their truck when they take a short cut on a logging road. They are deep in the British Columbia wilderness, and now they have to walk out to the highway. Except, where is the highway? And what do they do about the grizzly bear that seems to be hunting them down?

What reviewers say about The Darwin Expedition

Should reach those students who enjoy adventure stories but who might struggle with the vocabulary in books by Gary Paulsen and Will Hobbs.” KLIATT


Product detail

Paperback: 128 pages

Publisher: 2007 Orca Book Publishers

Language: English

ISBN 9781551436760 (pbk)

ISBN 9781551436807 (PDF)

ISBN 9781554697366 (ePub)