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By Diane Tullson


Sometimes a good kid is drawn into a bad crowd. Sometimes a bad crowd goes over the edge.

For Marlie Peters, high school is a nightmare, and she’s not alone. Welcomed into a group of misfits and outcasts, Marlie finds her new friends have been bullied and harassed, as she has. But when they plan a prank to wreak revenge against their tormentors, Marlie is afraid that some of the group is deadly serious. Marlie stands on her own to stop a horrible tragedy. Edge is a hard-hitting look at the daily ache of rejection too many students face at school.


What reviewers say about Edge

The author perfectly captures the type of persecution in school halls that can be utterly terrifying for teens.” School Library Journal


Product detail

Paperback: 214 pages

Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside

Language: English

ISBN 9781550051421 (pbk)

ISBN 9781459810358 (pbk)