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By Diane Tullson


Orca Soundings

This time, it’s not a drill

Fifteen-year old Adam is no hero. He spends as much time with the principal as he does in class. When a shooter attacks the school, Adam learns it is his classmate, a boy named Josh who everyone tormented. In an attempt to stop him, Adam and his friend, Zoe, stalk Josh through the school to face him in a horrific shoot-out with the police.

What reviewers say about Lockdown

Readers will see how good people can make bad decisions in this trim novel.” Booklist


Product detail

Paperback: 128 pages

Publisher: 2008 Orca Book Publishers

Language: English

ISBN 9781551439167 (pbk)

ISBN 9781551438757 (PDF)

ISBN 9781554696628 (ePub)