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The Books

By Diane Tullson

Sea Change

Orca Soundings

Lucas has never been so alone.

Lucas and his father are not close. In fact they hardly see each other, which is just fine with Lucas. When his dad leaves him again, this time at a remote fishing lodge, Lucas is stuck with a lodge worker, a girl named Sumi. In a tragic sequence of misjudgments, Sumi is shot. With no radio or phone, it’s up to Lucas to get medical help, a day’s journey by boat up the inlet.

What reviewers say about Sea Change

Diane Tullson has really captured the teen voice, and her main characters are ones that teens will connect to and understand. Highly recommended.” CM Magazine


Product detail

Paperback: 128 pages

Publisher: 2010 Orca Book Publishers

Language: English

ISBN 9781554693320 (pbk)

ISBN 9781554693344 (PDF)

ISBN 9781551435350 (ePub)