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Welcome to the official site of Diane Tullson.

This is the site to explore her books and find suggestions for further reading. Check out the Your Questions section for information about the books and why she wrote them—and feel free to contact Diane to learn more.

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Taz’s Recipe a first for Diane

Taz’s Recipe (Orca Currents) is Diane’s first book for middle grade readers. Cheer Taz on as she competes in a school cooking competition…and hope that she doesn’t burn down the school while she’s at it.

Reviewer’s Corner

Taz’s Recipe

“Written at a third-grade reading level, this addition to the Orca Currents series opens with a bang (a fire alarm, actually) as 14-year-old Taz inadvertently starts a small fire at her polytechnic high school while attempting to microwave chocolate chips in her food science class. The incident doesn’t derail Taz’s efforts to succeed in the class, though maybe it should—the book is a parade of culinary disasters that includes melted utensils, sliced fingers, and airborne roulades, all of which Tullson (Foolproof) recounts with droll humor while emphasizing both the real hazards and the creative rewards of cooking. Taz’s crush on a fellow student and her feelings surrounding her parents’ divorce flesh out a story that will entertain both culinarily talented readers and those who, like Taz, struggle with the finer points of making boxed mac and cheese.